Your money matters - financial textbook for young people


Foreword by Martin Lewis aka the Money Saving Expert

It’s only money isn’t it? Well, no, actually. It’s far more important than that. I’ve spent 15 years campaigning on TV and online to get people to be better with their cash. Money isn’t just a financial issue, problems can infect every area of your life – your happiness, mental health,work, relationships and more. This isn’t intended to scare you, I just don’t intend to sugar coat it just because you’re still at school.

Of course, you likely already make money choices on a daily basis – such as picking your phone or buying a friend’s birthday present – and as you move into independence the decisions grow, whether you dream of getting a car, want to go to Uni, or getting your first job. Throughout all of these, the knowledge and attitudes you have about money will become even more important.

That’s what this textbook is about. It’s here to start you out on your journey towards financial literacy. While it won’t come close to teaching you all the answers you’ll need for life, it does cover many of the main ones. Yet even if all you picked up was to take money seriously, to read up and ask questions before big decisions, and gain the skills to do the numbers, it would leave me skipping like a little lamb (not a pleasant image I accept).

While some of your parents and guardians will be great with money – some won’t – and it’s important we level the playing field. That’s one reason I, and many others, campaigned for years to ensure we got financial education on the curriculum. Yet that alone isn’t enough. We live in one of the world’s most competitive economies, companies spend billions advertising,marketing and teaching their staff to sell, yet we don’t get any buyers training.

That needs to change. This textbook aims to make it easier for schools to ensure that every young person receives a high-quality financial education by the time they leave school.

I hope you like it.

Download the text book here: