“You are still a person with a name, along with likes, dislikes, talents, shortcomings etc. Nothing can take that from you.” Joe Wells

OCD [obsessive compulsive disorder] causes excessive worrying about things that other people might see as trivial or perhaps wouldn’t have thought about at all. It causes obsessive thoughts which compel a person to do irrational things such as repetitive tapping and counting or constant hand-washing, to an extent that disrupts life.


Joe is a teenager who is now able to write openly and clearly about living under the control of OCD. He describes his difficulties in coping with OCD’s urges, the problems he created for himself by trying to hide the condition, and its effect on his relationships with family, friends and teachers.


Joe’s book offers advice to help others with OCD and gives an insight for people wanting to understand more about the condition.


Touch and go Joe: an adolescent’s experience of OCD, by Joe Wells – written when he was 16. One of the new books added to the school library from a national collection offering support for young people.


Reviewed by Helen Wharam; Cranbrook Healthy New Town Programme Coordinator