Year 9 Enrichment Day

A ‘human number line’ ice-breaker activity was used to start the Sparx Year 9 Enrichment Day.  Envelopes were addressed to each student and this provided their house; Badger, Otter, Fox, Hare, assigned them to their ‘Team’ for the day and game them a number between -50 and 50.  ‘Otter’ used their communication and team building skills effectively, created their number line and were the winning house!

Pupils were mesmerised by the card tricks and mathematical magic created by Zoe Griffiths, from ‘Think Maths’, . Isaiah assisted with one of the tricks and located the winning card.  Logan was surprised to find the final card of one of the tricks was stuck underneath his seat for the whole time!  Pupils were able to join in and use their mathematical skills to solve some of the puzzles too.

All pupils were encouraged to work as part of their team when the workshop moved onto a mathematical quiz.  For each correct solution, pupils received a piece of the geodesic dome which they then had to construct.  The geodesic dome structures were made up of 50 pieces; including equilateral and isosceles triangles and squares for the base.  The domes used the principle of tension instead of compression and once constructed, the domes were self-supporting.  Teams were able to construct a dome, rather like a den, which was big enough to sit in.

Our maths architects were then able to customise their domes with mathematical graffiti.  Some pupils also chose to work in pairs and played a ‘magic squares’ multiplication game using dice and highlighters.

Mr Farmer kindly agreed to judge the geodesic dome competition and the winning prizes were awarded to ‘Team Lovelace’; Reece, Finola, Alice, Kenzie and Suranne.

A big thank you to Sparx for providing the Year 9 Enrichment Day, to Zoe Griffiths for her inspirational workshop and to all of the pupils who took part and worked hard to optimise their team’s performance in the event.