Year 8 Graduate

Year 8 Graduate!

Twelve Year 8 students have been working on The Scholars Programme, an academic programme run by The Brilliant Club, which encourages students to apply to the most selective universities. They were assigned a PhD tutor from the University of Exeter, Titilayo Soremi, who delivered university-style tutorials over an 8 week period. This was a unique opportunity for the students to experience university-style teaching about climate change from a world class expert.  At the end of the programme pupils completed a final assignment of 1,500 words entitled ‘The Anthropocene V Deep Time’.  All students passed their final assignment and on Thursday 26th January visited the University of Bristol to attend their graduation ceremony. The day included a tour of the campus; a study skills session; the chance to meet and ask questions of current students and get advice and guidance from the university. We are incredibly proud of the hard work the students put into this course and hope that they will all consider applying to University in the future.