Year 11 Last Week Arrangements & Activities for After Half Term

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Timetable of activities for after half term


Dear Parents and Carers,

RE: Last Week of Mandatory Attendance for Year 11

Firstly a huge congratulations and well done to all our Year 11 pupils who have nearly finished all examinations and assessments! Teachers at the campus have been moderating and re-marking assessments using robust guidelines from the examination boards and with support from the wider Trust schools in order to support the Centre Assessed Grade process. We have endeavoured to include your child in this process and your child will have had an opportunity to view an overview how they have achieved in multiple areas and areas for improvement. Unfortunately, we are not able to share with you or your pupil any grades awarded until the official Results’ Day as this contravenes guidelines due to the moderation processes and Ofqual guidance. Rest assured that children will be awarded the grades they deserve from the work put in.

Mandatory full time school attendance ends on Friday 28th May, however the Year 11 legal leaving date is Friday 25th June. As such, we have organised multiple events and opportunities based upon pupil voice on areas they would like further input and support.

Please see the attached overview for this which details that from the 7th June a number of opportunities will be available for all pupils. Many of these opportunities will be available virtually via the Year 11 Registration Google Classroom or on Campus with bookable slots. Also outlined in the overview, is the dates of which you would expect to begin receiving support and contact from your child’s new education provider (if your child does not receive any information or contact during this time please contact the provider directly as this is not managed via the campus). The code for pupils to access the Google classroom is: 5fio7yv. A pre-leavers assembly will go through this information in detail with all pupils on Friday 28th May.

On Thursday the 24th of June at 2pm we would like to invite all our Year 11 cohort to the campus for a BBQ and Leavers Assembly this will be a chance to formally celebrate the end of the cohort’s time here on the campus, give out awards and the time capsules they made in KS3, and shirt signing. A separate letter has been sent out outlining plans for the Year 11 Prom, more details regarding this event will be sent out in due course once we have a clear indication of numbers wishing to attend.

We would like to offer all Year 11s the opportunity to donate their blazer and tie (if in good condition) to the campus. Students who would like to take part in this will be rewarded with £5 off their Prom ticket. Blazers and ties can be handed in from Monday 24th May and the £5 will refunded from your ticket payment/ to your School Money account by our finance department shortly after the half term via School Money. Any other uniform no longer needed by our Year 11 students is also very welcomed for donation.

Other school equipment should also be returned before the last full-time day on Friday 28th May. From Monday, Year 11 pupils are asked to return any library books, Chromebooks and other school equipment to main reception. Lunch accounts should also be returned to a zero balance. If you child has a locker, please ask them to return their locker key to main reception no later than Wednesday 26th May. If their locker is found to be in good condition, they will then be refunded their £5 locker deposit. Any equipment or balances not returned by Friday 28th May 2021 will result in a fine to cover the costs of a replacement.

For pupils who receive Free School Meals and would like to continue this by coming to the campus each day to collect a packed lunch between 7th-25th June, please complete the form here: .

We will miss all of our year 11s and would love for all our pupils to involved in our future by attending as an alumni – a former pupil of this school – to help our future pupils with workshops or as part of a speaking programme. There will be an opportunity to sign up for this posted on the Google Classroom.

We look forward to seeing our Year 11s after half term and will continue to support them through this transition to their next steps. Please contact if you have any queries.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss Eleanor Jacobs

Pastoral Lead for Years 10 & 11