Vision and Values

Grow, thrive & achieve together #Crantastic

Opportunity: Learning: Community

Cranbrook Education Campus transforms lives through opportunity, education and personal development; pupils value their education, take ownership of it and show pride, self-worth and self-efficacy to ensure all future doors are open to them. Innovative teaching facilitates effective learning and leads pupils to achieve outstanding outcomes. A proud, motivated and committed team contribute to the academic success and development of aspiring, well rounded, lifelong learners. Pupils, staff and the school grow and thrive together as a school set at the heart of its community.


Opportunity: We want our pupils, and your children, to have every opportunity by having the highest aspirations to support them in achieving outstanding outcomes to enable them to move on to the next phase of their learning.  We do this by providing a broad range of education; by being unapologetically academic in its teaching but by also fostering a love of reading and encouraging pupils to become part of their wider school community. Many of our pupils contribute to music, drama or sporting activities or performances and we also encourage kindness, respect for others, resilience and teamwork.  All skills that will enable them to succeed in their studies, our community and the wider world.


Learning: We have the highest of expectations; learning is at the core of what we do – we want our pupils to have the same expectations for themselves and others within their school community. Therefore, we provide pupils with the opportunity to grow and thrive with excellent teaching and research-led practice from our teaching professionals. Our focus at the Campus is to support our committed team of professional teachers and support staff to receive the most cutting-edge training to ensure outcomes are the highest they can be and to allow for continuous development.  We will deliver on a set of overarching principles which are linked to specific teaching habits used within all of our classrooms.  This will create a consistency of excellence to support pupils in achieving the highest outcomes and to build standard expectations of learning routines so no time is wasted.


Community: We believe our school serves its community by supporting our families and providing a place of learning for all – with a hub to support both the children and families in our town.  Our school community of parents, pupils and professionals work together to provide the support required to ensure your child succeeds academically: a supportive, positive and committed community who encourage pupils in doing and achieving their very best at all times.  We want pupils to enjoy their time at the Campus so they can grow into happy, well-rounded and successful pupils who are ultimately proud of their academic achievements.

We promise to develop pupils who:

  • Demonstrate the Campus Educational values of Pride, Independence, Responsibility, Curiosity, Determination and Integrity
  • Demonstrate the Campus Community values of Resilience, Respect, Forgiveness, Teamwork, Honesty and Perseverance

We believe that every pupil should regularly enjoy a range of experiences and opportunities:

  1. Read widely to broaden their knowledge of literature and the world
  2. Contribute to the sustainability of the Campus and beyond.
  3. Increase their cultural capital
  4. Be politically engaged
  5. Present or perform to an audience
  6. Engage in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities
  7. Complete meaningful work experience with an employer
  8. Support a charity or voluntary organisation
  9. Develop an awareness of financial products and money issues