Update on Secondary Learning Provision During Lockdown

Update on Secondary Learning Provision During Lockdown

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on Monday, I wanted to up-date you as soon as possible with the following information.

In line with the latest government guidance we remain open for our Essential School to vulnerable pupils and those of key workers only, as previously planned and this will continue for the period of lockdown. For further information on the definition of vulnerable pupils and those of keyworkers, please visit the government website here. All other pupils will be required to engage with our remote learning offer until at least February Half Term. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to ensure that our offer includes not only our lessons but some of our core offer of tutor time, assemblies and mental health support, as well as opportunities for rewards as we want to ensure that you and your child continue to feel connected to the school community during this difficult time.

The offer we provide both as part of Essential School and as Remote Learning is not what was previously coined ‘Educare’ – we have a duty to provide children with a high quality programme of well-sequenced work which is meaningful and ambitious.  Please access the expectations for schools here https://www.tes.com/news/full-remote-learning-what-dfe-expects-teachers.  We understand that this will cause anxiety for families who are often working at home or have other circumstances to manage, but we have a huge team of people to support families and children in accessing learning.  Should the situation arise pupils become unable to engage, they are of course welcome to attend our setting as part of the Essential School.  If will help if you can support your children in establishing consistent learning routines and times of learning in line with the school day.

Of course – due to the escalated situation regarding Covid-19, mass testing is on hold for non-essential school pupils until further advice is available nearer to February half term.

Essential School:

Now that we know that this provision will continue for the duration of the announced lockdown, can we please ask that everyone requiring a place at our Essential School emails: reception@cranbrookeducationcampus.org.uk to indicate their requirements for this provision long term. This will enable us to continue to provide a place for your child as and when you need it and for the period that you need it.  If your circumstances have changed and you no longer need a place in our Essential School but have previously booked a place, can you please let us know via the same email address.

Timings of the school day will remain the same as usual, with online learning in school starting at 8:30am prompt. Pupils need to enter the school building via the usual community entrance please and they will remain in year group bubbles and static groups for the duration.

Please ensure that your child arrives at school in their full school uniform and with a face covering. PE Kit is not required.  Pupils in Essential School will be following their timetable and the same curriculum as those at home which will be accessed via Chromebook or PC. Therefore if your child has headphones, can they please bring them to school with them to use. We can provide them if this is not possible.

Pupil meals are booked with Essential School Staff are logged at the moment of registration. Pupils entitled to free school meals will have their selected meal made available at the appropriate break time.

Free School Meals – Pupils not in school

Pupils not in school but in receipt of free school meals should have already been contacted by one of our team – however, if you think you are eligible for FSM and support, and haven’t yet been contacted, please could you email: fsm@cranbrookeducationcampus.org.uk.

Remote Learning:

It is clear that our remote learning offer will now be in place for longer. All information will also be available on our website, with further updates provided as provision is enriched. If your child requires a copy of their school timetable, please email reception@cranbrookeducationcampus.org.uk, or access this via your Expressions app.  A letter will be going out this week detailing the expectations of any future remote learning plans and explaining how your child will be able to collect booklets and assessment on Tuesday 12th January 2021 (Years 9/10/11) and Wednesday 13th January 2021 (7/8).  Timings will provided.

However, we are continually reviewing our current provision and will update you with changes as and when they happen and this will be even more important now that we know the period of school closure is longer than we had first thought.

We will be consulting with our pupils and if you have any feedback we would, as always, welcome this.  Please can I take this opportunity to let you know that we will be monitoring pupil engagement with online learning on a daily basis but tracking it officially weekly – and have asked tutors/a support team to call home weekly if a pupil is not engaging in the remote learning.  There will be a consistent plan which staff will follow.  We want to do everything we can to help and support pupils and their families at this challenging time, so please let us know if you need some support so that we can help you.

Whilst learning online, it is important that pupils submit their work after each lesson or complete the exit ticket/task as requested so that teachers can provide them with valuable feedback.  All of our lessons will be set via Google Classroom (as they have been already); they will include a video message from their teacher and specific tasks to complete and will include a feedback opportunity.  We would ideally like pupils to complete their work at the same time as their live lessons – and staff will be available to respond to the Google Chatroom, often, in real time.  At times pupils will receive whole class feedback.

Remote Learning Devices:

If you have not already been contacted with confirmation that you will receive a Chromebook/digital device and your child/ren requires one, please email: reception@cranbrookeducationcampus.devon.sch.uk and we will organise for you.  Similarly, if pupils do not have sight of their Timetables or cannot access their Timetables via Expressions, please contact reception.


We will be expecting pupils to compete their daily homework as already communicated.  In our remote learning offer, there will always be a challenge lesson provided and some of these challenges will link to blended learning including Bedrock, Tassomai and Knowledge Organiser work.  Pupils should focus on learning the content for the week and committing this to memory to support their work in lessons.  We have already provided you with links to a wide range of online learning platforms in letters communicating remote learning and will use the automated functions to check home learning is being completed along with are various support teams/Pastoral Teams and Curriculum Trackers.  Expect to hear from us regularly as this is best practice and part of DFE guidance.


The Prime Minister announced yesterday that GCSE exams will not take place this summer ‘in the normal way’. We do not know specifically what this will mean but it seems reasonable to expect pupils will receive grades based on a similar system to 2020.  As you might be aware this involved teachers assessing performance using class and homework, coursework, mock exam results and other evidence.  However, as it stands currently, we do not know the detail of what this means and the public examinations scheduled for this January, are set to continue as planned.  We are expecting updates from JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) and the DfE (Department for Education) in the coming days and as and when we get these, we will of course update you.

Some BTEC courses are currently still continuing.  We have a plan in place to ensure pupils will receive their full offer which also includes some live teaching.  Our BTEC Quality Nominee Lead will be in touch.

Thank you, as always for your continued support and patience as we navigate these uncertain times.