Topaz Class enjoy the 'Big Bang' science fair at the University of Exeter.

Topaz Class had an exciting afternoon at the University of Exeter visiting the ‘Big Bang’ Science Festival.

On arrival at the University, we were provided with a guide who led us into the Great Hall where children could discover the exhibits that interested them. I think the large number of stands was perhaps intimidating for some at first but they soon grew in confidence.  Very quickly, they were independently approaching people at stalls to find out what Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) activities they could get their hands on.


Here are some comments from Topaz pupils on the experience.

“I now know that Engineering is not just learning, it is fun some times!”

“Technology is very fun and important like listening to our heart beat.”

“The new thing I learnt was that there is 54 grams of sugar in Coke!”

“Go on the VR. It was fun – especially swimming with the whale.”

“There is a job where I can research Penguins!”

“I got to have a go at picking up Space Worms!”

As their teacher, I hope to use some of what I saw back in the classroom to continue to inspire them to be fascinated by the rapidly changing world around them.

They behaved remarkably all afternoon and were courteous and polite to all the people that they met. A real credit to their school and their class. Well done Topaz.