Thought of the Week - Organisation

Theme: Organisation


“I wasn’t the kind of kid who would get A’s without even trying. I had to work to get good grades, but I was very organised about it because I always wanted to do well at everything I did. I’m very competitive.”

  • Jessica Ennis



Being organised is a key skill for life. If you aren’t able to manage a diary, keep to time or remember to turn up to the right place it could mean big consequences. We get a lot of practise learning to be organised when we are in school.  It’s important to make sure you meet deadlines by getting homework in, turning up to school on time and making sure you turn up to the right lesson in the right place!

  • Would you describe yourself as an organised person? How are/aren’t you organised?
  • Why do you think it is important to be organised?
  • In groups come up with some different ways to improve your organisation. Pick something that needs a bit of help and work on it together.
  • Challenge yourself to make a change this week. It could be setting an earlier alarm, packing your PE kit the night before or taking the time to get that homework done so you don’t have to deal with the consequences.