Thought of the Week - Mourning Loss

Quote: “Sometimes allowing yourself to cry is the scariest thing you’ll ever do. And the bravest. It takes a lot of courage to face the facts, stare loss in the face, bare your heart and let it bleed.” – Barbara Johnson

Often we see grieving and getting upset as weakness, but that’s not true at all. We need to allow ourselves to grieve and let ourselves mourn. We need time for our hearts to heal, for us to get through any loss we have suffered, no matter how small and mourning is an important part of that.



  1. When have you experienced loss in your life? Why not write down how you felt in at that time.
  2. If something like that happened again, would you deal with it the same way as before?
  3. Do you know of anyone who is mourning loss at the moment? How can you reach out them at the moment?