Thought of the Week - Being Merciful and Caring

Quote: “I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits that strict justice” – Abraham Lincoln


Justice is a definitely a good thing, but so is mercy. Having mercy for people who have wronged you is a sign of great inner strength. To be able to forgive and be merciful towards someone who wronged you is a powerful thing to do and can be life changing. This doesn’t mean what they did doesn’t matter, but it can really help them, but also us. Forgiveness and mercy means letting go and being free from the anger inside us.



  1. Is there anyone in your life who you might need to forgive?
  2. There are many ways you can express forgiveness. You can tell them in person or message telling them.
  3. You can also speak out in private. Simply think of that person and say, i forgive you.