The Art Department Online Gallery

At the end of last term the Art Department’s students were creating some amazing artwork which showcased both technical and creative activities. The year 7s were learning foundation skills which set them up for technical sophistication later in their school career, the year 8s were focused upon still life and measured drawing and the year 9s were exploring a range of different art movements and artists as bite-sized investigations. In the examination groups, the young artists were producing a portfolio of work centred around their chosen brief. Some were investigating themes such as natural forms, while others were making portfolios of work looking at portraiture or identity. They are all making excellent progress and creating an atmosphere where we can share broad ideas and see how with hard work, dedication and passion you can make diverse and technically proficient painting, drawings and prints. We would love to share a selection of these works with you and we know that you’ll be proud of the work our very talented students are producing. Enjoy!