Cranbrook Education Campus adopts TAP’s free thanking platform!

Cranbrook Education Campus have signed up to Thank and Praise (TAP) – a social thanking platform that allows members of the school community to show their appreciation to the unsung heroes working at our school.

“Prioritising the mental health and wellbeing of our Cranbrook Education Campus community is incredibly important. By doing so we ensure that our fantastic school continues to grow, flourish and thrive. TAP will enable us to celebrate and champion our incredibly hard-working teachers and staff, offering parents and guardians the opportunity to offer praise and positive feedback to our hard-working team of dedicated professionals.” – Layla Crabtree, Staff Wellbeing Lead at Cranbrook Education Campus.

If you would like to give thanks to our school staff, please visit:

To thank a member of staff privately, please send a message on WhatsApp to 07871 064 296.