Taiko Drumming

On Thursday, Secondary pupils in Year 8 had an amazing experience working alongside Jonathon, Lucy and Cherry from Kagemusha Taiko. Before the Year 8 session began children in Years 1-3 were given a short display by the Kagemusha team. Some of the primary children had the opportunity to do some drumming as well, to the beats called out by the trainers and other children watching. The secondary session was specially funded by the Jack Riley fund and in years to come we hope that our primary children might have a similar experience too.

The Taiko team explained the ancient Japanese heritage of their art and the key elements of:

Attitude – taking responsibility

Kata – movement

Technique – simple things done well

Ki – energy, enthusiasm, enjoyment

The team run sessions for members of the public to join and also perform both internationally and locally, why not check out their website to see some videos for yourself?