Student Wellbeing

A message to out students

As a school, your wellbeing is our priority and in this uncertain, unprecedented time, that is all the more important.  We want you to know we are thinking of each and every one of you and missing you.  You may be enjoying the lie-ins but you may also be worrying about the current situation and the fact that no one really knows how long this may last. It is really important to look after yourself and do some activities you really enjoy.  I have come up with a few tips that may help:-

  • Make a plan/list (I love a list even if I don’t end up doing everything on it!)
  • Have a reasonably early start to the day, get dressed, eat breakfast.
  • Learning time – do what you can and let us know if you need extra support. Take it easy over the Easter break.
  • Take breaks and enjoy a lunch hour.
  • Have some outside time (lunch in the garden, an outside fitness routine and yes sunbathing does count!)
  • Take time away from your computer/social media/news.
  • Enjoy being creative – get making, baking, drawing, singing –whatever makes you happy.
  • Have some active time – PE with Joe Wicks, dancing around your kitchen, football challenges etc.
  • Quiet time is also important; have a rest, read and chill.
  • Take some time to connect with friends and family – you cannot see people but keep in touch, message your friends, have a phone conversation with someone you are missing and plan some things you would like to do together when this is over.
  • Help with chores, help younger siblings with their work, make your adults a cup of tea or offer to do a job you know they don’t like

You don’t have to do all of these everyday! Pick one or two.  Just fill your time with interesting things you love doing.  Please email me if you need any advice or support and I look forward to seeing photos of how you are filling your days.


Take Care

Mrs Wade