Stille Nacht performance

Last night we showcased our Secondary production of Stille Nacht, something that has been developed and created completely from scratch within our school. It was a phenomenal day which included a dress rehearsal for year 6 students at St Martins and ended with a public performance in the evening for 100 people. For the best part of 3 months students have been committed and engaged in what was a huge undertaking and I am very proud of each and every one of them. Thank you to everybody who came to watch and support us and a massive thanks to the Jack Riley Trust for their financial contribution. From the poignant reuniting of the broken families at war, to the camaraderie in the trenches, we wanted to share the story of WWI through a different lens, that through everything, love and friendship would prevail. I hope you all left feeling rather festive, a bit of snow certainly helped i’m sure. I am already planning our next production and look forward to seeing what new and fantastic things we can create at the Cranbrook Education Campus.