Stand Against Violence Workshops

On Tuesday 12th December, Steve Clare from the charity ‘Stand Against Violence’ visited Cranbrook Education Campus to deliver Cyberbullying workshops to students in Year 7 and 8 and an anti-violence workshop to our Year 9 students.

The workshops linked closely to themes that students have explored recently in PSHE and during anti-bullying week in November.

The charity ‘Stand Against Violence’ was founded in 2005 by the by the family of Lloyd Fouracre, following his tragic death as a result of a violent attack at the end of a night out.  The workshops they deliver aim to equip and inform students in an effective manner about how to make a stand against violence and bullying.

Our students engaged fully as Steve explained about the different forms cyberbullying can take and the impact that it can have.  He also guided them through the consequences for perpetrators, explaining the law clearly in the process.  Most importantly, the students discussed strategies to tackle and put a stop to online bullying, including how and where to get help.

The anti-violence workshop for Year 9 focused on the aftermath of the violent attack on Lloyd and the impact on everyone involved, including Lloyd’s family and friends and the perpetrators and their families.  Steve also explained relevant aspects of the law and penal system.

The workshops reinforced very effectively messages regularly given at Cranbrook Education Campus about taking responsibility for one’s own actions and about seeking help promptly and proactively when things are not as they should be. The charity was able to offer the workshops to our students FULLY FUNDED thanks to local companies who support the work they do.