Spring has Sprung

The days are getting longer and warmer, and all around us flowers and trees are bursting into bloom. Birds are lining their nests with moss and twigs and feathers, and hibernating animals such as the dormouse are starting to wake up as the sun warms them up.

 Why not get out into the countryside and have a look for some of the spectacular displays of bluebells; the smell is overpowering and beautiful! There may be some wild garlic with white flowers poking through these woodland displays, can you smell this too?

Other wild sights to look out for include the Rooks starting to build their nests.  The Rookery is easy to spot with many big black birds nesting in one tree, making a cacophony of noise. Also listen out for the buzzing of bees as they go about their business collecting nectar and pollinating flowers. Bees are a sign of how healthy, or otherwise, our environment is and we need to look after them.

Look around in the farmers’ fields: can you spot lambs gambolling around, and young calves enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.  If you are really lucky, and there are some arable fields nearby, you might get to see the Hare. At this time of year with they can be seen ‘boxing’.

 So get your boots on, get out for a walk or a bike ride and see what you can spot in your local wild space.

 Emma Jones; Cranbrook Country Park Ranger

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