Selfiecop for Android

Selfiecop ( is a new app that protects children & teens from the dangers of sexting & selfies.  Selfiecop works by emailing parents a copy of every photo or video taken on their child’s smartphone or tablet. This includes photos & videos captured by popular social networking apps, such as:

  • SnapChat
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Selfiecop deters unsafe behaviour by making children STOP & THINK… “Do I really want my Mum & Dad to see me like this?!”

Selfiecop is available for all Google Android smartphones & tablets, including Samsung, HTC, Sony & Nexus.

How SelfieCop works

Step 1: Download & install Selfiecop onto your child’s phone or tablet.
Step 2: Enter an email address to which copies of images will be sent.
Step 3: Lock the app with a password (so the child cannot disable it).
That’s it! From now on, you (the parent) will be emailed a copy of photo or video taken on your child’s smartphone or tablet.

One last thing – you must always tell your child that Selfiecop is installed. The aim is not to spy on them, but to teach them to stay safe.

Selfiecop can only deter unsafe behaviour if children know it is installed. Selfiecop is not Spyware.

Why an app like Selfiecop is needed

80% of teens own a smartphone and 90% of their use is completely uncontrolled. [Ref: Andrews. ISLT / Cotter & McGilloway, 2011]

The problem is that teens are impulsive & do not always understand the effect of their actions. This has created a “a perfect storm of technology & hormones”. [Lori Andrews, Institute for Science, Law and Technology Chicago.]

For example, 60% of teens have been asked to send sexual images of themselves. [NSPCC, 2013]

Sexting is destroying reputations, lives & futures.  Sexting is having devastating consequences. Many teenagers are suffering terribly from ill-advised images that suddenly go viral.  Cyberbullying arising from sexting & ‘slutshaming’ is linked to severe emotional distress. [Cotter, McGilloway, 2011].

Sexting has increased the risk of suicide ideation amongst teens with some children taking their own lives. [Kim/Leventhal 2008]

Sexting has also led to criminal charges among teens, for the distribution of child pornography.

Selfiecop Deters, Detects & Defuses unsafe behaviour.  Research shows that teens will change their behaviour if they know they are being observed. Selfiecop provides a robust, secure & easy-to-use way to monitor the photos & videos taken by children.

  1. Selfiecop Deters unsafe behaviour.  It forces teens to Stop-&-Think “Do I really want Mum to see this?”
  2. Selfiecop Detects unsafe images.  It gives parents a visual early warning system for unsafe behaviour.
  3. Selfiecop Defuses potential crises.  It gives parents time to act to prevent any damage before it begins.


The downside is that it can’t be used with an iPhone.