Secondary Vaccinations - Update 17/06/2020

Update from the Immunisation Team for Secondary Vaccinations :

The Immunisation Team are currently working with Public Health England regarding the Schools Immunisation Programme and how it can recommence.  Students will be seen at School Sessions moving forward or alternatively seen at clinic settings – both will be organised by ourselves and once plans are confirmed we will communicate this with parents/carers. 

To provide you with some reassurance the Teams visiting schools will be working within strict Public Health England guidance issued closer to the time.  We are aware that sessions will no doubt be run differently from previous years to accommodate new requirements which will be discussed with schools prior to visits.  Please be assured that staff and student safety will be taken into account at all times.

If parents wish to attend a GP Surgery and have already given consent for an immunisation, we would ask that they contact ourselves to withdraw consent, this is particularly important to avoid 2nd doses of vaccines being given.

You can contact the Immunisation Team on 01392 610030