Secondary Self-Testing Arrangements

COVID-19 self-testing 

Over the last two weeks, all consenting pupils have been involved in our on-site asymptomatic testing for COVID-19.  This enabled us to ensure that a vast majority of our pupils were not carrying coronavirus on their return to face-to-face teaching, helping us to keep our pupils, staff and families safe.  In line with the latest government guidance, we are now pleased to be able to offer home self-testing kits to all pupils to ensure ongoing safety and continued on-site education for all our learners. 

Today, all pupils (including those who were not involved in the on-site testing programme) will be provided with two Lateral Flow Device test kits, each containing three tests. These lateral flow tests are part of the COVID-19 screening programme to identify individuals who are positive for COVID-19 but asymptomatic, to help reduce the transmission within our community.  Please see for an introduction to these tests along with the Home self-testing-information for pupils document. 

The kits issued to pupils are the same as those used in school, meaning pupils should now be familiar with how to take their own throat and nose swabs.  Carrying out the test once the swab is taken is a quick and simple process – please see the “How to carry out the test” video here and also the Covid-19 Self-test Instructions For Use (IFU) guide for how to complete the test.  A paper copy of this document has also been provided for all pupils.  A handy one-sided How to do your test document is also attached. 

As with staff, all consenting pupils should complete two tests per week (3-5 days apart).  We suggest this is carried out on a Monday and Thursday each week before leaving for school.  We appreciate that time can be tight in the mornings, so if necessary, the test can alternatively be taken the night before (Sunday and Wednesday night).  Although the test itself only takes a couple of minutes to carry out, the result should not be read for 30 minutes, so please allow time for this. 

Once completed, it is important that the test results are registered in two places: with the NHS and on our school register.  The following links should be used each time a test is completed to ensure the result is recorded: 

  1. Visit to record your test result.  You will need the little code number printed underneath the QR on the actual test strip to do this.  This will be a different number each time.  You must do this each time you take the test. 
  2. Alternatively, you can phone 119 and tell them your details and result – you will still need the number from the QR code on the test strip. 
  3. Use this form to enter your results on the school register (we are required to keep a record in addition to the NHS). 

Once your result has been registered with the NHS, you will receive a confirmatory message via the contact details you have provided (by text or email).  If at any point a pupil returns a positive result, they must immediately self-isolate and follow government guidance as out lined here 

Please read through the Home self-testing-information for pupils document with your child to ensure you are familiar with the process and if you have any further questions or require any further support, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please be assured that the Ted Wragg Trust is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all of its pupils and staff and are following guidance from Public Health England, to ensure that our school communities and those around them are best protected.