Sassy Choir trip to Sidmouth Abbeyfields

Eleven pupils from CEC – Aava, Amelia, Dafydd, Kean, McKenzie, Finola, Suranne, Ella Greed, Harriet, Kayla and Trinity – plus 2 pupils from St Martins (Caelan and Tyler) went on the choir Christmas Trip to sing for elders at Sidmouth Abbeyfields on Wednesday, 13th December.

They sang a selection of Christmas songs, modern and traditional, and the elders who came to listen thoroughly enjoyed the singing, and even joined in. They thought the choir was awesome, and I must say, so did Miss King and Mrs Murch, who were so proud of the children. They sounded like a professional choir.

Afterwards everyone enjoyed giant ice creams and giant sized portions of chocolate cake, at Sidmouth’s “Taste” Ice Cream parlour.

Everyone is looking forward to the next choir trip, when Miss King says its traditional to have fish and chips!