Results Day : Robs Journey

Our IT Technician, Rob, has retaken his Maths and English GCSE’s this summer and will be getting his results this Thursday. Here is a little bit about Robs Journey – wishing you all the best Rob!

“I wasn’t very academic at school, I was only interested in computers and didn’t work hard on my GCSEs.  I left school with really poor results (ranging from a D to an F).  If it wasn’t for my keen interest in computers and the time spent learning from the school IT technician I don’t think I would have struggled to find work. 

In my late 30s I was inspired to study for a degree with The Open University.  I wanted to be a good role model to my three kids and took the plunge studying for a degree in Computing and IT.  I found I really enjoyed the study, even the Maths module.  This gave me the confidence to try studying for GCSE Maths and English again with Learn Devon.  The English was a struggle at first, not having studied the subject in over 25 years, but as I went through the course I started to remember things like what an Onomatopoeia is (it is a word that looks like how it sounds when it’s spoken, such as zap, crash and boom).  After many late nights and too much procrastination I was able to finish the GCSEs. 

Like the year 11 students at Cranbrook I am both excited and nervous about receiving my results in August (along with results for my Open University module this month).  If I could give one bit of advice to the kids, that would be try your best and don’t worry if it doesn’t work out, there are opportunities to try again, and any parents out there who are interested in taking their GCSEs again or even considering further education study, you’re never too old to try.  At 21 I didn’t think I’d be able to manage a degree (especially with two young children) but 21 years later I’m two years away from graduating and then hopefully retraining as a teacher.”