Reception Weekly News - 05/10/2018

Dear parents/carers,

Our children’s learning has moved on this week – still with our “Bear” theme – and we have just started reading and introducing lots of lovely activities around the book “Biscuit Bear.” Rumour has it there is going to be some lovely baking smells coming from the Reception bases very soon! Our Role Play area is now set up as a baker’s – if you have any baking tins, biscuit or cake tins, cake cases or baking recipe books we could borrow to add to the area for the next couple of weeks, that would be great!

Phonics Workshop for parents

The Phonics/Reading workshops for parents of our Reception children will now take place on Monday, 15th October. There will be two meetings, one at 2.30 pm and one at 5pm. Please report to the main Reception where somebody will greet you. Please note, this is a meeting aimed at parents/adults to outline the way we teach phonics and reading at the early stages and how you can help at home, so you do not need to bring your children (they get enough of Phonics during the day!) The meeting should last for no more than 40 minutes.

Christmas cards

Thank you to those of you who have returned the Christmas card designs which your children created. THE ABSOLUTE DEADLINE TO RETURN THESE IS MONDAY.

Notice board

In response to parent requests, we have moved our outdoor notice board. It will remain in the same place in the morning (outside the class bases) but at the end of the school day it is now by the gate as you enter the Reception outdoor area. Hopefully, this will enable you to read the information more easily as it is in a less congested area.

Naming jumpers

Unfortunately, we still have a number of jumpers in our Reception classes at the end of every day which are not named, so it is really tricky for teachers to match them with their owners! Please can you make sure everything is named clearly – it may be worth rechecking, as after a few washes some pens fade pretty quickly. We are working hard with the children to encourage them to keep track of their belongings, put their jumpers in the box, coats on hooks and lunch boxes in the containers, so hopefully they will be doing this at home too!

Thank you for your continued support, please remember if you have any questions or concerns we are always available at the beginning and end of the day, or you can arrange an appointment to come and see me.

Have a lovely weekend

Julie Simpson (EYFS Lead)