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Welcome to the Reception Blog!
You can look back over all the the exciting things we’ve been up to previously by reading each post below, or take a look at our YouTube channel here.

We have kicked off our new Reception topic of ‘Ready, Steady, Grow’ by planting beans! We talked about what plants need to grow and how we will look after them. We have also written
instructions using time words ‘first, next, then, finally’ so everyone knows how to plant a bean.

We have had another fantastic term in Reception – it has just flown by! We have loved exploring our Safari topic, learning about different animals, habitats and ways of living. We have tried different fruits from our story Handa’s Surprise, and used this experience to write sentences using the words ‘like’ and ‘because’, alongside descriptive vocabulary.  
In Literacy, we have also been creating our own version of the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’, and the children have blown us away with their amazing creativity when story writing!  
In Maths, we have been learning all about shapes, patterns and measures. We have used our pattern knowledge to create beautiful Safari artwork – recreating animal patterns, making African jewellery and Australian style dot pictures. We have enjoyed going on shape hunts and looking for shapes in our environment. We have also been measuring using the vocabulary of ‘longer, shorter and the same’ when measuring length, and ‘heavier, lighter and balanced’ when using weighing scales.  
We have used our listening skills to explore the different sounds that can be made by different instruments. We found that some made loud sounds, some were quieter, and we even had some that sounded like rain and a storm!  


This week we have been learning how to skip! The children enjoyed their skipping workshop and have been practising their skills during lunch time.

We have also been reading ‘Handa’s Surprise’ in Literacy. We have been learning all about fruit and even got a chance to taste some different fruits, such as Pineapple, Mango, Kiwi, and Pomegranate.

This term we have loved learning all about robots. We have learnt about all the different jobs they can do to help us, what they are made of and we have even designed our own robots!
In maths we have been learning about sharing, doubling, halving, odds and evens and practising our number bonds to 5 and 10. In Literacy we have been reading the story ‘Robot Rumpus’ and
especially enjoyed when all of the robots go wrong! We have made our own story maps to retell the story, written sentences to say what jobs a robot can do and we have designed and labelled our
own robot. The children have explored lots of different media in their art learning this half term. We have explored the process of printing, made pictures using loose parts and developed our joining skills through junk modelling. We have loved having Mr G in school to support us with our PE learning. We have been learning how to safely manoeuvre around the hall without bumping into each other, how to catch a ball and different ways of passing a ball, such as rolling, bouncing and throwing.

This week we have celebrated Science Week in Reception by exploring growing. We have planted flowers for our outdoor area, with our resident planting expert Miss Leach! We discussed the different parts of a plant, and had a go at creating some observational drawings and adding labels using our phonic knowledge.
We also learnt about real-life scientist David Attenborough, and all the important work he does saving our planet.

This week in Reception we have been learning all about maps!
We created our own treasure maps, and learnt how to use teabags to create the effect of them being old.
We have drawn maps of our local area and places we have been to, such as Crealy or the park. We even drew and labelled maps of pirate ships!
We also walked around our school and had a go at creating our own maps of the school, adding labels using our phonics knowledge.


This week the children have loved celebrating Chinese New Year in Reception.

We have learnt the story of the animals that represent the different years, and about how some people celebrate Chinese New Year.

We learnt that the colour red is lucky, and that people often eat their food with chopsticks – we even had a go at picking up some string ‘noodles’ with chopsticks ourselves, and found it was very tricky!

We have had a go at writing some Chinese numerals and letters, made beautiful lanterns, and written Happy New Year cards to our family and friends.

Our favourite part of the week though was trying some Chinese food for ourselves! We tried prawn crackers and spring rolls, and thought they were very tasty!

We loved watching these videos in class – maybe you might like to share them at home to learn more about Chinese New Year?


This week we have had another message from our pirate, asking us to make pirate hats just like his! We used our phonics knowledge to read the instructions, looking out for tricky words and digraphs. Then we had a go at making one of our very own, listening carefully to each instruction and taking our time.

To further support your child with reading, we have subscribed to Collins e-books. This resource is recommended to enhance phonics teaching as it aligns with the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Phonics Programme which we launched in September. Please click the link below to read the letter that was emailed to all families last week
Collins ebooks

What an exciting first week back we have had in Reception. We received a message in a bottle from a pirate, he had left us a treasure map which led us to our new literacy book Pizza for Pirates. The children have enjoyed writing notes to our pirate, telling him all about ourselves.

What a busy half term we have had in Reception! We have absolutely loved seeing your children growing in confidence and showing us what they can do.
This term we have been focusing on the story ‘How To Catch a Star’. We have learnt to retell the story and have created our own story maps.
We are continuing to learn to read and write through phonics. We have begun to read books with words and write short words using sounds that we know. You can watch Miss Whites video for more phonics updates by clicking the link below
We have loved learning all about Space this half term. We have learnt the names of the planets and discovered the role of an astronaut. We have used marbles to create our own planets, this was great fun and VERY messy!
We have been inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night and used pastels to create our own version of the painting. We have strengthened our fine motor skills by making playdough aliens!

This term the children have loved learning in our role plays! In Milne class the children have explored a Space station, designing their own rockets and looking out for aliens!
In Donaldson class the children have used props from the book ‘Whatever Next’ to retell the story of Baby Bear flying to the moon! We have counted down to blast off, written lists of the things we need to remember to take to the moon, and even had picnics with owls! If you haven’t shared the story before at home, you might like to have a listen here … it’s one of our favourites!

This week  our lovely Miss White has put together a handy guide for Little Wandle Phonics with some lovely things you can do as a family to help your child to understand. Maybe watch this with them and play some of games Miss White suggests? We’d love to hear stories of all the games you’ve played together!
(Apologies, due to technical issues, this should have uploaded before half term!)