Planet Omar Accidental Trouble Magnet

Children in year 4 have loved looking at the book Planet Omar Accidental Trouble Magnet. The children have been working hard to answer questions about the book. They have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and several children have said they would like to read other books by this Author – Zanib Mian.

Chloe: I loved the book because it is funny, I liked it when Omar and Daniel were not friends at the beginning, but they then became good friends at the end.”

Zach: I loved Omar and the accidental trouble magnet because at the start Omar was not friends with Daniel and now they are best friends. I liked that Omar saved Charlie from Daniel bullying him.

Ava: I like Planet Omar because it is a great book. I liked the bit where Omar and Daniel were in London and they were being chased, they thought it was a zombie but it turned out to be just a man who was trying to help them. I also liked that Omar and Daniel became good friends in the end.