PERKY People

Each week we celebrate a selection of pupils who have gone above and beyond this week and have been recognised by their Tutor’s for their positive contribution to our Campus Community.
Scroll through the names below to find out who has been recognised this week…
7CEJ – Pearl Hunter – Ready and engaged, willing to give anything a go!
7JAD – Josh Cox – Super engaged – working very hard towards his silver award.
7SMA – Oliver Winter – Proud – Excellent homework record, always engaged.
8LEM – Max Thurtle for being kind and engaged and always ready to learn
8AEH – Lottie Taylor for being ready and engaged in all lessons
8PM -Alfie Walker for positivity having a great attitude and sunny disposition
9SEA – Oli Cook for achieving some very high level work
9MJA -Mathea Leung for resilience and her diligent attitude towards learning
9FES – Harry Moss for working hard this week
10ACP -Yasmin Bardwell – She is always on time with correct uniform, equipment and homework and has got on with work experience and secured her placement.
10 KGN – Amelie Wermke – Always has all equipment, correct uniform and homework is completed to a high standard.
10LCM – Charlie Gibbs for his positive attitude to learning and his encouragement of others to join extracurricular activities.
11SDW – Lauren Wellaway – for always being kind, ready and engaged with tutor activities.
11MJ – Semika Doumbia – Having a really positive attitude to school life and supporting other members of the tutor group.