Our school is unique in Devon as it draws children of all ages into its family, holding and supporting them as they grow and develop. Some children join our campus at nursery age so we get to know them early on and can support them more easily and effectively as they move into our Primary phase. As time goes by we can then prepare them to move happily into our Secondary phase. Throughout this time the staff and children are building long term relationships ensuring that each child is known as an individual and has the emotional and educational support they need to grow, thrive and achieve.

We work closely with our colleagues in Nursery and Secondary to ensure the best possible transition experience for all of our children together with every opportunity to undertake an individualised learning experience. Where young children need a little extra help we can draw on the expertise of our early years colleagues and where children higher up the school need extra challenge, we are able to access specialist Maths, Literacy and Science teaching too.

The Primary School runs from 8.50am to 3.15pm

38 weeks of the year

For more information please call Reception on 01404 823293 or email