Orchid Class

This week we have been looking at addition and subtraction in year 2 and 3. Some excellent maths done by all and year 3 have been looking at the column method again. 

In literacy the class have been reading the text Ask Dr K Fisher about Animals. The year 3’s have looked at complex sentences and the year 2’s have used different conjunctions. Towards the end of the week the children planned and wrote a fictional story about an adventure to find a ring in the mountains. 

The children have studied the 5 K’s of Sikhism this week and compared their location with that of Kenya. They have also continued their study of plants and looked at the life cycle of a plant. 

 There will be no homework this week, apart from reading. The year 2’s have their SAT’s next and we would like them to enjoy their weekend and rest. We will try to make sure that it is as stress free as possible for the children and will be referring to them as quizettes. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend and hope to see you all ready for the week on Monday!