Nursery Weekly News - 25/01/2019

Dear parents/carers,

We are now well established into the new Spring term and our children have settled really well – especially our new children and those who have moved to new Bases. There is lots of lovely learning taking place in all our Bases. In Blue class the children are learning all about winter and the cold weather, and in Red and Yellow Bases our learning is focused on animals and pets.

Special Visitor

As part of our learning about pets, we have a special visitor coming to see the children in Red and Yellow Base on Monday. Mrs Hall will be bringing her dog Kai to Nursery on Monday to help explain to the children in both Bases how to care for your pet. The children will get the opportunity to watch Mrs Hall clean Kai’s teeth, feed him and brush him, and the children will all be able to join Mrs Hall for a walk with Kai on the lead around the school grounds.

As part of this visit, we have undertaken a full risk assessment. This will be available for you to read in Mrs Hall’s room on Monday. When not working on the carpet with the children, Kai will be in his cage where the children will not be able to access him so he has the chance to rest and relax a bit!

Nursery Garden

Over the next two or three weeks we will be having lots of new shrubs and plants arriving which the children will help us to plant to help our outdoor area look a little more inviting. Soon it will be time for us to start growing flowers and vegetables so this is a great introduction to make the children aware of how to care for plants. In order to make this easier, I will be digging over the garden in preparation on Tuesday between 3 and 4pm – if anybody would like to bring a spade to help me you will be very welcome!


We are being very mindful of the cold weather at present, and reducing the length of time the children are outside on the colder days. However, we still think it is important for all our children to access outdoor learning on a daily basis, so please can you make sure you provide your children with a warm coat every day. Thank you.

Keeping Healthy

As you will be aware from the information sent out to all parents last week, there have been some unpleasant bugs going around our school recently. At the end of last week, we did a full deep clean in our Early Years department, disinfecting every toy and surface, every shared area, and washing all equipment thoroughly, in addition to our everyday cleaning regime. This week our staff have been re-teaching the children about the best way to wash our hands and when to do so (you might have heard our song as children do this at home!)

Obviously, at this time of year everybody is more susceptible to illness and it is especially important to reduce the spread of infection. If you think your child is unwell, please do not bring them in – they need to be wrapped up warm and resting until they are better. If you spot any signs of a rash or other symptoms which may be Scarlet Fever, please take your child to the doctor before returning to Nursery.

Home Learning

This term, we are introducing something new to Nursery – Home Learning projects. The idea behind this is to give your child a task to complete with the rest of the family at home. This may be to make something, find out about something or to find something. There will be one home learning project per half term, and we will share what we have done and make a display showing our learning at the end of the time given to do it. This is of course an optional activity, but we encourage all children to take part as it is a lovely opportunity to work together as a family and to become engaged with the learning taking place in Nursery. Your child’s teacher will be sending this half term’s project home shortly.


Thank you for your continued support. Please remember that we are always available at the beginning and end of the day if you have any questions or concerns, or you can make an appointment to see me.

Have a lovely weekend,

Julie Simpson