Nursery Weekly News - 18/10/2019

Nursery news – 18.10.19

It feels impossible to believe that we have reached the end of the first half term already! Thank you so much for the lovely home learning which has been returned to Red and Yellow Base – there are some wonderful displays on the wall of all our “circle” discoveries – please do come in and have a look at them. It is not too late to return your child’s home learning if you have not already done so, as it can be returned any time this week or immediately after half term.

The next home learning activity will be set after half term, and Blue Base will be bringing home their first home learning task then too for you to do as a family.

At the end of every session for the first week back after half term, your child’s Learning Journeys will be out for you to share with them when you collect them. You are always welcome to ask to see these Learning Journeys, so if you cannot make it on these occasions please talk to the team.


  • Uniform – thank you so much for the fantastic effort made in sending your children to Nursery in our now compulsory uniform. Just a reminder that there is no obligation to send your child in full uniform, just the t shirts and jumpers. You are very welcome to send leggings or tracksuit bottoms etc. if you prefer.
  • Children’s safety – can you please make sure you deliver your child safely inside the nursery on arrival, rather than dropping them at the door. It is a busy time of day and very small children can easily get lost or confused in the rush. It is also important that our staff have the opportunity to check each child in. in the same way, once you have collected your child from our care please make sure you keep them close to you as the gates are all wide open at this point of the day. Thank you.
  • Sickness – we are fortunate that the rampant sickness bug which went through our Reception classes last week has mainly avoided Nursery. Please be assured however that the Nursery is having a thorough clean in addition to its normal clean before the start of next half term, including all the equipment and the toilet/shared areas
  • Behaviour Policy – it has been brought to my attention that there has been some confusion for some parents over our use of the school behaviour policy. This information can be found on our website for each different phase, but hopefully this will help clarify some questions.
  • Smiley face stickers continue to be regularly used in all Bases. These are given out for examples of kindness, being helpful, following our campus manners and all learning/effort related aspects of your child’s day.
  • The new system of “Super choices” relates purely to behaviour. For our youngest children this is about showing us that you are trying your best, following simple instructions, listening, trying your hardest with our simple Nursery rules. It is based very much on the individual and is an opportunity to celebrate the positive (obviously with very different expectations to our year 6 children!).
  • If a child makes 5 super choices in a day (or 3 if only attending half a day) they can collect a prize from me. However, ALL super choices are celebrated together in Nursery, and we have already noticed children have responded really positively to this system.
  • Children in Blue Base do not collect ticks but super choices are recognised, and if a child has made particularly good choices they come to see me for a Phase Leader Prize.
  • We do not follow the other part of the Primary Behaviour system where children are tracked towards unacceptable behaviour, and we do not have these symbols in Nursery. We discuss poor choices as and when they arise, and this is a valuable part of how young children learn. Any concerns about behaviour will be discussed with parents if applicable.

Hopefully this clarifies any confusion – please do talk to your child’s teacher or look at the website if still unsure.

Can you help? We still need the following –

As part of the “curiosity approach” which we now follow in Early Years, we need to collect as many real/natural materials as possible. If you have any of the following at home which you would be willing to donate, please bring them in! I am collecting them in my office.

Wicker baskets of any size                                     wooden crates or boxes

Logs, stones or pebbles                                           wooden curtain hooks

Stainless steel jugs, sugar bowls, teapots


Thank you for your continued support, have a lovely half term break!

Julie Simpson

Early Years Phase Leader.