Nursery Weekly News - 14/12/2018

Dear parents/carers,
Nearly Christmas! Just a few last minute reminders for the activities taking place up to the end of next week.
Tuesday 18th December – Christmas Dinner Day
All children are invited to join us for Christmas Dinner on Tuesday.
If you would like your child to have a school dinner on this day you need to order it through the Aspens website (not the app.) Parents MUST order the Christmas meal through Aspens website. Please ensure all registrations are completed by Monday 17th December. You will need your child code and school code to register. Children having packed lunches will be able to join in the fun in the hall too!
Wednesday 19th December – Nursery Christmas party
• Our Nursery party starts at 1.30pm, but due to the large numbers of children this year we are asking parents to arrive at 2.15, ready for singing, games and a special visitor.
• All children are invited, including children who do not attend that day. They can arrive at 1pm. If your child is in BLUE CLASS and does not normally attend that day, you will need to arrive at 1pm and stay with your child to enable us to stay in legal ratio. This is not necessary with our 3 and 4 year olds, and after dropping them off at 1pm, you are welcome to return at 2.15
• If you haven’t signed up to provide party food, please do so. All food needs to be in nursery in the morning please so we can begin preparations.
• Children can either wear their party clothes to Nursery that day or bring some to change into at lunchtime
• Our special visitor will be keen to hand out presents to the children. Please can you provide a NAMED, wrapped present (up to the maximum value of £3) for your child. This needs to be in Nursery by Monday 17th December at the latest please so we can check everybody has one and avoid disappointed children. If you are bringing along younger brothers or sisters can you please provide a named wrapped present for them too.

Thursday 20th December 9.15 am – end of term Early Years/Primary carol service
• Main hall, 9.10 am – this will replace our normal Friday morning Primary assembly. All children, including Nursery, will attend. Please come along and join our festive end of term singalong!
Term ends at 3.15 on Thursday 20th December, and we return to school on Tuesday 8th January.
Thanks for your continued support, enjoy the weekend!
Kind regards
Julie Simpson
EYFS Phase Leader