Nursery Weekly News - 13/09/2019

Nursery news – 13.9.19

Welcome back everybody, and a particularly warm welcome to our new starters. The first few weeks in Nursery are always especially busy as we settle our new children and get used to new routines, I have to say how impressed I am with the way your children have adapted to being here after a long summer break, and it has been so lovely to see everyone. For those of you who have just joined us, this newsletter is sent out to all parents weekly- just a brief overview and important bits of information.

  • Uniform – thank you so much for the fantastic effort made in sending your children to Nursery in our now compulsory uniform. The children look so smart and are very proud! Just a reminder that there is no obligation to send your child in full uniform, just the t shirts and jumpers. You are very welcome to send leggings or tracksuit bottoms etc. if you prefer. I understand there has been an issue with the logo on the t-shirt which is a bit rough and scratchy. This has been taken up with our supplier Honiton Sport Shop and hopefully will now be resolved.
  • New gate – you may have noticed there is a new wooden gate leading directly into Blue Base from the playground – please feel free to come in this way when dropping off or picking up your child from Blue Base
  • Nursery environment – I am sure you have noticed how lovely our learning spaces in Nursery look this term. I would like to say a massive thank you to the team who gave up so much of their time in the summer holidays to make it look so inviting.
  • Meet the teacher event – to avoid any confusion, I just want to clarify that the Primary “meet the teacher” event next Thursday is NOT for our early Years families – we will be organising regular drop in sessions and opportunities for parents to come in once our new children are settled. Further information about this will be shared next week.
  • Contracts – there are still several Nursery contracts which were given out at the end of last term and have not yet been signed and returned. We cannot accept your child into Nursery without you having agreed to our terms and conditions, so the deadline for this is Monday please or the next time your child attends.
  • Naming items – thank you so much for naming your child’s belongings as it saves much confusion and distress. Please can I add shoes to this as we have lots of children with the same shoes…and the same size feet!! Thank you.
  • Nursery admin – please accept our apologies if response times to enquiries or emails is taking longer than usual at present. We had a tremendous amount of correspondence during the summer holidays which our Nursery administrator is ploughing through as quickly as she can. Please bear with us as we catch up!

Thank you for your continued support, have a lovely weekend and enjoy the unexpected sunshine!

Julie Simpson

Early Years Phase Leader.