Nursery activity - Wednesday 25th March

Nursery activity – Wednesday 25th March

Today’s activity is a noisy one! (Sorry grown ups)
Can you make a band? There are really easy ways to make musical instruments:
– take an empty tissue box, or any small box with a hole cut out of the middle, and wrap some elastic bands around it. Instant guitar!
-Fill small plastic bottles with anything noisy – rice, small stones, lentils, paper clips….be as creative as you like. Cover the top securely with a lid, or taped down paper – you have a shaker!
-Do you own pots and pans? Do you own a wooden spoon? You have a drum kit!
If you have any other easy ideas to make an instrument, please share them on here – then get your family all together for a noisy, fun filled five minutes singing and playing along to your favourite songs. You could even dress up to look the part!
Anybody willing to video and post on here……??
Have fun everybody.