Nursery activity - Tuesday 24th March

Hi everyone!
From today, we will be posting an activity or a link which you can do with your Nursery child (or older children if they would like to!) Today’s activity is-
In your house, can you find the following things? You might want to make this a timed activity to make it even more challenging!
-a toy with wheels
-a book with a picture of an animal in it
-8 different socks (now can you ask a grown up to mix them up so you can put them back into matching pairs?)
-something smaller than your hand
-something that makes you happy
-something which is square, or has a square on it
-something with numbers on it
-4 green things
-something you can see yourself in
-something you need to help you get ready for bed

How many things can you find? Did you get them all? Don’t forget to put them all back when you have finished! If you want to take a photograph of the things you found, you can put them on the CEC Facebook page for others to see if you like. Have fun!