Neighbours - Thought Of The Week

Quote: “I grew up with horses and cattle, running around on dirt hills with this real sense of space. We didn’t have neighbours – well, the nearest ones were kilometres away.”    – Deborah Mailman



The quote shows an example of a very scarce neighbourhood where they didn’t have anyone living close to them at all.  I am sure that for most of us this is not the case.  Whether you have noisy neighbours or people you have never met there is quite a likelihood that we have someone living close to us.

  • Do you know who your neighbours are? What are they like? If you don’t know them, what do you think they could be like?
  • Would you rather never live next to anyone ever again or only ever have really noisy neighbours living next to you?
  • CHALLENGE: Think about something you and your family could do to bless your neighbours. It could be writing them a card, baking them something or simply saying hello when you next see them.