Mental Health Support Team

MHST Student Wellbeing conversation information

A new NHS mental health service for ALL students of Cranbrook Education Campus

Our Education Mental Health Practitioners provide an early intervention to children and young people who might be experiencing mental health and +emotional wellbeing difficulties.

We are based in school and can offer between 6 to 8 high quality Low Intensity Cognitive Behaviour (LI-CBT) sessions either in school or remotely.

LI-CBT is an evidence based mental health intervention. Research has shown that LI-CBT really does help children and young people find helpful ways to improve thoughts and feelings and to find balance in their mental health.

LI-CBT is a programme of care that gives you dedicated space to connect your thoughts and feelings with your negative and positive behaviour patterns


If you would like to talk to us, please send us your completed form.

MHST Request form

If you would prefer your parent or carer to complete the form, this is good with us too.

You may want an adult in your school to help you access us. You are welcome to follow whatever option works for you.

On receiving your request, we will contact you within two weeks to plan the next steps with you.

Tel: 01392 386825