Medical Mavericks

Are you or your child interested in a career in ANY Health Profession?  If so, this video may be of interest.

When considering possible future courses for routes into the NHS you might think that the first place your child should look is UCAS. It kind of makes sense… look for the university courses that teach those subjects and careers and see what you need to get at school to get in.  But you would be wrong!  You see, not all university courses in the health or medical field are accredited by the NHS. In other words, they could lead to a career in the NHS but you would require additional training. The accredited courses train you up on the course so you are pretty much ready to go!

So, how do you find these courses?  Click on the link below to take you to the website of ‘Medical Mavericks’

The video you are after is the one titled “Ep 21 – How to find a medical career and decide what to study!” (feel free to browse the website too – there is lots more to see)

I hope you find it useful.


Mr Nelson (Careers Leader | Teacher of Mathematics)