Languages in a global world” Exeter University Zoom event.

Join in the 4th annual ‘Languages in a Global World’ talk, this year to be held on Zoom on January 21st 5pm-6pm. This year’s guest speaker is Richard Lyntton – a former captain and tank commander in the British Army in the first Gulf War;, and United Nations Military Observer (during heavy shelling and NATO airstrikes) in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Richard was also a United Nations Television Producer in former Yugoslavia. He was called to testify at the International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague after witnessing and filming human rights atrocities and abuses in Bosnia. His films are archived at the Imperial War Museum, London. When he’s not writing, Richard is a professional actor-you may have seen him as the Ringside Doctor in Creed 1.

Suitable for Years 9-11.

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