Knowledge Organisers

Independent Study

In years 7-10, pupils are expected to complete retrieval practice independent study tasks for all their subjects. Pupils can choose to complete their homework at home, or they can attend our homework club (3.00-4.00pm every day in the library), run by staff so pupils can access support.  There is also a Sparx homework club that runs every Monday from 3.00-4.00pm in the Maths department.

Our new homework system has been designed as a consequence of extensive research into how pupils acquire and successfully recall knowledge and from learning about the successful practice of other schools, many within the Ted Wragg Multi-Academy Trust. These are essential lifelong skills for our pupils so this new system will benefit them during their time at Cranbrook Education Campus and in their post-16 education.

Each pupil will have an Independent Study pack that consists of an exercise book and a booklet called a Knowledge Organiser. The Knowledge Organiser will contain pages of essential information for every subject that has been produced by our teachers, for our pupils. These key ideas and knowledge will form part of their final assessments at the end of each of our teaching and learning cycles.  Pupils will be given a new Knowledge Organiser every term so that the knowledge they need to learn is directly related to their learning in the classroom. We also expect pupils to keep their booklets from each term so that they can build a comprehensive set of revision resources throughout their school career, ready for revision for their final exams in year 10/11.

Each Knowledge Organiser contains a homework timetable showing what subjects pupils should be studying on a particular evening. Pupils will need to complete one page of “self-quizzing” notes in their exercise book for each subject with the exception of Sparx, Bedrock and Century Tech. The work for these subjects will be completed in the same way as in previous years, with the work produced in class books and checked by the tutor the following morning. Each Knowledge Organiser explains clearly what pupils need to do.  Details of what is expected each evening will also be posted on Classcharts – – by the teacher.

Pupils will need to bring their Independent Study pack (exercise book and Knowledge Organiser) into school every day and show their tutor in morning registration that the homework has been fully completed.  The tutor will reward completed homework with a house point. All knowledge learnt as homework will be assessed in class during the following week in the form of a short quiz, exit card or similar type of task. If a pupil fails to produce the expected homework, they will attend a compulsory catch up session after school the same day for one hour.

Please note that occasionally, pupils in Y9 and Y10 may be asked to complete additional tasks by their teachers where it is necessary to help them make progress. This will be discussed with the pupils by their teacher, but it will not be checked in tutor time.

It is our hope that the use of knowledge organisers will provide more clarity on what we expect from our pupils with regards to Homework, as well as strengthening their essential study skills. With the introduction of a timetable, we are supporting pupils with managing their time, which will in turn reduce the anxiety associated with school deadlines.

For an online copy of each year’s Knowledge Organiser, please click on the year group links below. Each Knowledge Organiser has introductory pages which explain how they should be used, the TANC expectations of how the work should be completed and a copy of the homework timetable.

Autumn Term/Cycle 1

Spring Term/Cycle 2 

Summer Term/ Cycle 3 – To follow

For more information on the use and impact of knowledge organisers, please follow this link: