Huxley Visit to Cranbrook Education Campus 05/07/2019

Huxley pupdates have been an integral part of Friday lessons with Mrs Searle’s classes since October 2018. The pupils have seen Huxley grow up, from the age of 10 weeks to 10 months, and have enjoyed sharing his puppy experiences throughout the academic year. Huxley enjoyed his first day at school, gave his pupdate in ‘person’ and the pupils loved having him in the classroom.

“So cuddly and cute. Huxley feels like a teddy. We love him.” Lochlainn

“Huxley is so cute, fluffy and energetic. He’s like a fluffy little cloud.” Chloe

“He was so cute and I just wanted to take him home! It was one of the best days ever. I love him so much.” Trinity

“He is one of the most soft and cute dogs I’ve ever met!” Ella

“Huxley is a cute little squit muffin and adorable!” Ellie

“Huxley is an adorable little fluffy boy.” Jack

“Huxley looked like cotton candy.” Logan

“Huxley is like a smaller ‘Waffle Dog’ and well behaved even though he just slept the whole lesson. He was very cute and cuddly.” Lily

“Huxley you are so adorable and such a good boy! I loved having you here. You are a good role model for other doggos! Make sure you always behave and do not be cheeky!” Lily