Highlights from Cranbrook Education Campus PTA meeting Monday 11th September 2017

Highlights from Cranbrook Education Campus PTA meeting Monday 11th September 2017

Great to see so many new people attending and wanting to be involved!

Feedback from Activities week/Sports Day

  • Activities Week – School again thanked the PTA for supporting the trips to Exeter. The cross phase activities worked really well and fostered good relationships are school are keen to continue to develop this. As more staff this year to facilitate will begin planning after Oct half term with the aim of more activities/away trips esp for secondary phase.
  • Sports Day – Was a good event but school feel they have lots of ideas for improvements for this year. Particularly moving Primary to the morning to avoid heat/tiredness and spectator positioning so parents can see more of the events.

Future Events

  • Cake sales – July cake sale raised £66.60. To change to a Thursday so any excess can be sold at school on Friday. Primary children were impacted by Assembly about Hurricane Irma and suggested doing a cake sale to raise money for this. Therefore we agreed not to do a PTA cake sale in September to avoid clashes.

Next cake sale to be Thursday 19th October.

  • Photo shoots – James Cook booked for 30/09/17 to advertise asap.
  • Xmas Wreath Making – planning to run this event again. Finalising dates for end Nov/beginning Dec. Look out for details.
  • Family Quiz – looking into organising an event for October time.
  • Christmas Cards – personalised Christmas cards (pictures drawn by pupils which parents can purchase). Hoping to arrange for designs to be done in class this half term to be ready for Christmas time.

Funding requests

  • Activities week – school requesting support for next year’s Activities week.
  • Outside space – The facilities in the outside space is an issue that has been raised by both phases of the school. Primary team are planning to look into this to work out what would work best in the space available. PTA happy for a ‘Wishlist’ to be sent to them to consider for support.

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 9th October 2017 at 6pm