Highlights from Cranbrook Education Campus PTA meeting 24th April 2017

Feedback from recent events: (Easter Bingo and Curry and Quiz)

Generally positive feedback and approx £600 raised from the two events. To do again next year and consider running each event twice next year if interest and support.


Future events:

          Cake sale – to ask for donations of cake to sell after school by gate (or hall if bad weather) Following dates agreed: 5th May, 9th June, 7th July

          Sports Day – to sell refreshments during Sports Day on 18th July

          Several other events under consideration depending on time/help etc.


Use of funding raised so far:

Mr Farmer, Miss Telford and Mrs McCarthy have requested funds to support two whole school trips during the Secondary Activities week. As this will benefit children from throughout the school the PTA agreed that this would be a good use of money raised this year.


Parking issues:

Recent concerns raised by parents regarding the safety of the road around school at drop off/pick up times and the inappropriate parking by some parents, compounding the difficulties. All agreed that it is a concern. School are continuing to meet with the Consortium to discuss issues and try to resolve.

·         The Consortium have said that they cannot stop all construction traffic but are trying to limit what goes past school at busy times. They have recently opened a new car park for construction workers so that they are no longer parking around school which has freed up some space.

·         PCSO Jack Stannard is aware and has offered to be a presence around school as and when his work load allows.

·         Walking bus has been suggested. So far only 1 person has expressed interest but felt that maybe more information needed re: role, responsibilities, legalities particularly bearing in mind the incomplete highway, un-signposted crossings etc for people to be happy to volunteer.

·         Lollipop people – DCC reports no funding for these but wondered if we found volunteers (as are being suggested for other areas of highway maintenance) they would agree to provide training initially.

·         Longer term planning – when the school building was planned it does not seem that any provision for turning circles/drop off zones, parent parking was considered (presumably due to the ‘eco town’ ethos of planning). However, it is felt that something of this nature is needed, especially as the school gets bigger. School have had discussions re: the use of the land in front of school. Suggested parents could also email Consortium (contact Richard Gilmour – Richard.Gilmour@taylorwimpey.com) to express their concerns and support the school’s idea that these are very much needed.