Highlights from Cranbrook Education Campus PTA meeting 17th May 2017

Highlights from Cranbrook Education Campus PTA meeting 22th May 2017

Feed back from recent events:

Cake sale – Recent event was a fantastic success. Excellent response from parents re: cake donations and £88.75 profit. Future Cake sales booked for 9th June and 15th July (to coincide with new students induction day)

Future events:

  • School Race for Life – whole school event on 16th June 2-3pm
  • Sports Day – to sell refreshments during Sports Day on 18th July
  • Looking into class tea towels and personalised books to raise funds next year.

Use of funding raised:

  • Discussion re: allocation of funds in future years. The committee was very happy to be able to support the whole school trip this year but in future years it was felt it would be good for the committee, in liaison with school, to decide on what proportion of funds raised should be spent on school facilities and what on trips/experiences. As well as proportional benefit to each phase of the school. This may be something that changes each year with the needs of the school but all felt it was important to be fair and equal in how money is spent.

Dates, times and venue of future meetings:

  • Following discussion on Parents fb page – several parents have expressed interest in becoming involved but are unable to attend current meeting time. Suggestion has been made to have a later meeting e.g. 6pm, 7pm, 7.30pm.
  • Meeting currently at 5.15pm to enable involvement from teaching staff which may not be possible at a later time. Louise (Telford) reports that from September they will have more teaching staff and so PTA invovlement may be shared between members of staff which could help. Louise to discuss with teaching staff what would be possible/practical in terms of timings to ensure that teachers are represented but as many parents as possible can attend.
  • Discussed the possibility of maybe having a later meeting once a term as more of a ‘drop in’ so any parents are welcome to discuss ideas etc. and teachers could attend if able.
  • Discussed having meeting on ‘set’ night e.g. 1st Monday of the month in term time if this makes it easier for people to remember.
  • Also discussed venue as several people have discussed meeting at the Pub (esp if later meetings). Whilst this is a good idea we would need to be mindful regarding issues of confidentiality. To contact Cranberry Farm to see if they have a suitable venue which they would be happy for us to use.

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 3rd July 2017 at 5.15pm

Any queries/comments/suggestions please email: pta@cranbrookeducationcampus.org.uk