Food Plates to City States

Pupils in years 3 and 4 enjoyed a day of Greek food and Ancient Olympics. On a glorious day, we all made good use of the forest school area and the huge athletics field to celebrate our Ancient Greece topic.

Breaking the Olive Bread

In the morning, pupils gathered in the shade of the forest school trees (minding the nettles which have sprung up rather rapidly) to enjoy tasting food from Greece. This included Olive bread, different bread-sticks, apples, grapes and houmous. By far the most popular was the fruit and the bread-sticks. Later in the day, 34DH plotted our favourite foods on a bar chart.

Sharing the food

In the afternoon, the pupils got into their City State teams and tried to compete in our own mini Ancient Olympics on the school field. In the end, Mount Olympus were the winning City State (I think the Gods were on their side).

Ancient Olympics