Focus Week - January 2022

Our next Focus Week which will take place for Wednesday 5th January – Friday 7th January 2021. To ensure that all pupils are able to make the most of every minute of learning in their lessons, we will be working with pupils to ensure that they have all of the essential equipment for school that they need. Next week, your child’s Tutor will spend time with them ensuring that they have the essential equipment that is required of them during the school day. Pupils will be able to purchase any equipment that they do not currently have at the Campus library using their House Points.  

Pupils who have all of their equipment for the day will be rewarded by their Tutor with 5 House Points. Pupils who do not have their full equipment, having received significant support to ensure that they have every opportunity to do so, will remain at the Campus for a same day one-hour detention. 

We are also intending to have a small adjustment of our Reset provision in January which will allow for additional capacity in our Pastoral support offer across the Secondary phase. We are incredibly proud of the behaviour and engagement of our pupils at Cranbrook Education Campus and the disruption-free classrooms that your children thrive in. To support pupils in meeting our high expectations we will be moving to a single detention system in January of one hour after school. This will include instances where pupils are sent to reset from their lessons for failing to meet our ‘PERKS’ behaviour policy.  

Yours Sincerely, 

Mr Hugh O’Shea  

Assistant Headteacher: Behaviour, Personal Development and Welfare


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