Focus Five (Secondary Phase)

Focus Five – Letter to Parents/Carers

As we approach the end of the half term and reflect on what an extraordinary half term it has been, we will be changing how Period 5 looks this Friday. Due to our very high levels of engagement (80% in Core across the Secondary phase) and as an opportunity for pupils to have some dedicated time to themselves, we will not expect pupils to complete their normal timetabled lesson this Friday Period 5. Instead, we would like pupils to use this hour to focus on themselves (Focus Five) and their wellbeing.

Secondary staff will be creating a range of activities that pupils can choose from to complete instead of their timetabled lesson. These will include physical activities, cooking and circus skills to name a few. Pupils could also choose to get out and go for a walk, cycle or scoot, read a book, listen to music, watch a film or connect with their peers via their video app of choice instead. Pupils in Essential School will take part in an inter-pod quiz – or you can give permission for them to leave at 2pm by emailing with the name of your child(ren), stating that you give permission for this to happen.

All activities will be loaded onto the Year Group Google Classrooms, however, there is no expectation that pupils complete these; the time is for them to focus on themselves and to take a much-deserved hour out.

We will build this hour into each week after the half term, starting with Monday Period 5 on Monday 22nd February, Tuesday Period 5 on Tuesday 2nd March and then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the following weeks if we are still in lockdown.

Thank you for your continued perseverance and effort during what has been a testing and difficult time for us all. You have all been absolutely #Crantastic and we are really proud of you.