Environmental News

We are now proud members of Eco-Schools (www.eco-schools.org.uk) and have recently formed an eco-committee comprising of the current science club members. Anyone that has an interest in becoming involved in making our school more environmentally friendly then please contact either Andy Sinclair or Rob Bovey who will be able to fill you in.


The site management team and science club have been working on creating a wildlife corridor behind the sports hall with various trees and bushes that have been kindly donated from the Woodland Trust. This will provide cover for the more cautious of our local bird population and should boost the numbers and variety of birdlife seen around the site.


There is more planting to be done and we are hopeful to create our own mini copse of mixed plantings at the far end of the tennis courts again creating a small haven for the many species of wildlife that has been forced to seek alternative habitat from the surrounding development that is beginning to engulf us!

Anyone with a spade and digging power is more than welcome to make their mark as we have about a 150 trees and bushes yet to be planted.


Have a good Christmas,