Empathy Lab

Visit the Empathy Lab and celebrate Empathy Day on June 9th!



There’s never been a more fitting time to develop young people’s empathy skills and research shows that reading can play a key role in deepening our understanding of others and their experiences.


Ahead of Empathy Day on June 9th, visit the Empathy Lab using the above link and download their family pack of fun activities to complete at home. All you’ll need is a scrap piece of paper and pencil to complete the tasks, each one encouraging empathy with the thoughts and feelings of others.


The website also has lots of interesting information about how reading and empathy skills go hand in hand and you can see/hear extracts from this year’s selection of books that have been highlighted as particularly beneficial in encouraging the reader to see the world from an alternative perspective.


We will keep you updated with Empathy Day related news in the coming weeks.