Early Years parents/carers

Early Years parents:
Later today I will be sharing a video to support you with your child’s handwriting, and of course, today’s story. As it is officially the Easter Holidays after today, we will be taking a break from posting phonics lessons and handwriting, but we will continue to post a daily story time for you to share with your child – expect to see a range of familiar faces reading over the next couple of weeks! Our normal phonics, handwriting and a host of other learning activities will continue from Tuesday 14th April.
It is going to be a strange holiday – a challenge to fill the time when normal holiday treats and going outdoors is restricted. It is really important however that everyone tries to get a bit of a break from routine, step back a bit and breathe. You and your children have been amazing this week, so you all deserve to just have a lovely time together. Play, read, laugh, snuggle and look after each other.
Take care
Julie Simpson